Tavira to Estoi

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Services were next on our agenda, and I’d seen that a relatively minor detour would take us to the town of Estoi, where there was that rare commodity in these parts, a free aire. Well, almost free, because we had to pay 50cents for the water, but we had no objection to that. I should point out that this is the first water we’ve had to pay for in a very long time. In our 3 1/2 months of touring last year, we never needed to, and also not in our 4 1/2 weeks so far this trip.

So, everything emptied and topped up, I was keen to head back to the coast, but unfortunately Sophie insisted on googling the place just in case she might be missing out on anything. As it happened, she discovered the Pousada Palacio de Estoi (one of the “Small Luxury Hotels of the World”), so we had a wander up to that. Sophie insisted that she’d read that the gardens were open to the public, so against my better judgement, we enquired at the reception, and they were very happy to let us loose in their beautiful hotel to access their lovely gardens. After what seemed like an age, Sophie’d photographed every conceivable angle and we were free to go.

*** Just to mention that our blogs can be up to a few weeks behind reality, as we’re always in catch-up mode ***

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