Porto Covo to Praia de Aberta Nova

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We had such a peaceful night with just the constant rumble of the crashing waves. Being so close to the town, we thought we’d check out TripAdvisor so as to have lunch out. As it happened, our first two choices were closed so we went random, but it was great to be eating outside in the sun, watching the massive waves in the distance.

Our route then took us up one of the most picturesque coast roads we’d enjoyed in a while, and so there were plenty photo stops. The route ran right along the modest, but impressive rugged cliffs, with the boiling sea below, all the way to the large industrial port town of Sines.

Wonderful Intermarché provided free water, which was great, and after this we continued up the coast road, but this one 4k or so from the sea. We were beginning to look out for potential overnighting locations at this time. We visited Praia da Costa de Santo André, which had an excellent beach, but there was no sea view as such, so after a walk on the beach we were again on our way.

Next stop was Praia de Aberta Nova. After a couple of kilometres down the access road, the track became sand, but very solid, and wide enough for two vehicles to pass, and so Sophie let me carry on. A couple of kilometres later we arrived at a fantastic Park4night, overlooking a long Atlantic beach with the surf so fierce that there are warning signs advising that you shouldn’t even approach the sea, and having been down there I can see why. So another promising overnight spot as we complete our sixth week, are staying at our 40th unique spot, and have just clocked our three thousandth mile.

*** Just to mention that our blogs tend to be a couple of weeks behind reality, as we’re always in catch-up mode ***

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