Óbidos to Praia da Vieira de Leiria

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A very peaceful night, and definitely no surf to disturb the photographer. Nazaré was on the agenda today and I’d even anticipated overnighting at this home of the mega wave, according to YouTube.

Unfortunately, it’s not an overly motorhome-friendly place, and after some tight streets on the headland overlooking the main beach, it was clear that this was not where we’d be stopping tonight.

Anyway, I could see a half decent aire an hour or so North, so off we went. It was a pleasant drive along the coast and through forests, many of which had clearly suffered fire damage in the last year or so.

We stopped for a late impromptu onboard baguette lunch overlooking a massive beach, with waves to match. We had a further stop further along to look at some more impressive breakers that were sending their spray to the tops of the cliffs.

As we progressed up the coast, I was wondering how we were possibly going to avoid the very loud sound of the surf tonight, given that there are very few places to stay that are not beachside. Anyway, we were fortunate enough to come across the Park4night at Praia da Vieira de Leiria, where the very large carpark, a former aire in its day, enabled us to park sufficiently back from the action to meet the photographer’s surf decibel requirements. Alongside us there’s also a river, and waves surge up it from the sea from time to time.

We had a brief walk to the beach, which provided plenty of photo opportunities, although the island-dwelling photographer was very conscious of getting cut off by the waves, so it was interesting watching her running across the sand just to be sure, an unusual sight at the best of times.

*** Just to mention that our blogs can be up to a few weeks behind reality, as we’re always in catch-up mode ***

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