Peniche to Óbidos

We’d seen an interesting parking spot just to the North-East along the coast overlooking the Lagoa de Óbidos. The route took us through a big golfing area, with plenty of fancy accommodation and hotels. We finally made it to the carpark we were after, only to be faced with a no caravans sign on the approach road. No problem as this was only a courtesy call and were weren’t planning on staying long anyway. However, there was some parking above, also with great views, so this would have worked if necessary.

Final objective of the day was the famed hilltop town of Óbidos. Being a bit late in the day we first headed for our intended Park4night in a large empty carpark by a very large cathedral, a short drive from the town. We had our evening meal onboard there but the adjacent main road was quite noisy so I did a bit more research and we found ourselves in a huge free carpark directly opposite the entrance to the town. Perfect.

By now we were almost revitalised and so decided to give the place the once over, despite the lighting conditions not being ideal for the tour photographer. The town is very nice indeed and a visit highly recommended. It’s touristy but in a very tasteful way, and after a walk up the main drag, I was then dragged down every backstreet Óbidos had to offer so as not to miss anything that could be photographed. We then retired to our lounge and bedroom on wheels, after a day of more walking than we’re normally used to.

*** Just to mention that our blogs can be up to a few weeks behind reality, as we’re always in catch-up mode ***

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