Palenzuela to Hortigüela

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A beautiful stop in this large grassy, but firm, picnic area with just the sounds of the birds for company, and the odd passing tractor. A great night’s sleep at this gem of a town, with an excellent spot for motorhomes of absolutely any size.

We’re continuing East, in search of the special places our researcher has laid on for us today. Let’s see if she can keep the momentum going. We could have done with a bit more input like this over the previous 50+ days. Just saying 😉

En route we came across the slightly larger town of Lerma. Sophie hadn’t highlighted this, for some reason, and so I’d planned to drive past. On arrival it did immediately appear to be a town that shouldn’t be so rudely ignored, so we quickly looked for somewhere to pull over, so as to explore our parking options. Sophie then had the brilliant idea of actually parking where we were parked. Sounds obvious, I know, but often in a motorhome one looks for somewhere more substantial or official. So legitimately parked streetside, we ventured in via the medieval gate.

It was really nice old place, and we worked our way up the narrow streets to the obligatory church and then on to the town’s main feature, its massive parador, or large fancy hotel in an old building ,to you and me. The place does dominate, and its influence extends to the restaurants and shops in the adjacent square and roads, where prices are way above those we’ve come to expect.

So another town we’d recommend seeing, and there is motorhome parking by the way. We then continued on the very relaxing and picturesque road that had brought us from Palenzuela.

Just short of Covarrubias, we drove through the little village of Puentedura, and were attracted by the sound of the weir on the river running through it. At the sight of a picnic area, we whipped down the access road and had a late cheese and bread lunch. We then strolled over the medieval bridge so that Sophie could start clicking away, as she does. It was a tiny, but fascinating place, with many medieval buildings that looked pretty much untouched since they were first built.

On approaching Covarrubias, the photographer was so excited by the view over the town that I had no choice but to perform a U-turn and return to a suitable vantage point. The alternative would have involved walking ;). We located a good Park4night parking area, but decided that it was the wrong time of day to do it justice, plus our preference was for an out of town spot to spend the night. So promising ourselves we’d return tomorrow, come rain or shine, as the forecast was a bit dodgy, we headed off in pursuit of a “surrounded by nature” Park4night several kilometres up the road.

The spot is excellent. It is next to, but elevated above, the beautiful Rio Arlanza. It’s a grassy area, but firm, surrounded by trees, and the only sound is the river and the birds. I also noticed a monster vulture circling overhead, but I think this’ll do us fine.

*** Just to mention that our blogs can be up to a few weeks behind reality, as we’re always in catch-up mode ***

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