Becerril de Campos to Palenzuela

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When we went for our exploration of the town, despite the day’s high temperatures, a biting wind had blown up and even with jumper and coat it was uncomfortably cold. Unfortunately, this did not deter the photographer who persuaded me that it would be worth it as a lower temperature would mean I’d burn more calories. Who am I to argue?

The town definitely had some gems of ancient buildings, not least the lovely church-like building that overlooked the aire. The facilities were all sound and, for us, this was the perfect aire.

We had an excellent night and in the morning were pleasantly surprised to see a shepherd leading his flock along the road in front of us.

After I’d carefully planned a route for today, our recently appointed head researcher, who had just resigned after only one day in the post, suddenly came back to life with a stream of ideas of places to visit. Being quite new to this game, Sophie had just given me the names of must-see towns and villages, which I simply programmed into the SatNav. The problem was, when we reached the first of those places, she’d forgotten what it was there that we had to visit.

Anyway, in a lay-by on the approach to Torquemada, Sophie reacquainted herself with the upcoming towns’ main attractions. Torquemada’s key feature was its impressive medieval bridge, which was well-preserved, particularly long and winding, and still functioning as a main access route. Being off-season, we were able to pull over easily and park by the adjacent mill. After a stroll along the bridge’s full length we did a quick circuit of the town, then left, having a quick visit of the aire, which looked perfectly pleasant.

Next on Sophie’s agenda was Palenzuela, where there was a well-reviewed Park4night picnic area to serve the town. It’s a large grassed area with barbecue spots and picnic benches next to the river, and very pleasant. I expect we’ll be on our own again tonight, having the whole place to ourselves.

We took a stroll up into the lovely town, that had clearly escaped the ravages and trappings of tourism. It’s another great gem of a place that we’d highly recommend.

*** Just to mention that our blogs can be up to a few weeks behind reality, as we’re always in catch-up mode ***

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