Artajona to Ujué

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We only had one neighbour last night and they were in another carpark, so a beautifully quiet night with the view of the illuminated town walls and towers to the left and the vast plain below to the right. In the morning, quite a number of motorhomes turned up, and it wasn’t until later on in the day did it dawn on us that today was Mayday, a normal national holiday in much of Europe.

We thought we’d visit Tafalla next, although both of us denied responsibility after we’d had a good constitutional walk around the town. We like to be constructive when we visit somewhere, so as to be fair, but despite a few hidden attractive buildings, Tafalla is a bit tired in our view. Of course, we may have missed out on some amazing features of the place, but it is a feel that permeates the whole place, from the run down motorhome aire to the industrial outskirts.

Anyway, we understood that the next town on the agenda, Olite, was a real gem, and that was clear even on the approach to the place. Having expended the photographer’s energy on the last visit, we thought we’d do a recce, take some drive-by shots whilst the sun was shining, and then head off to overnight at the well-reviewed hilltop town of Ujué.

Ujué is certainly in a spectacular position, high up above rolling hills, with snow-capped mountains in the distance. I suspected that the access to the proposed Park4night was likely not suitable pretty soon on, so we turned where we could and settled on a carpark just before the village.

Sophie then sent me off on a recce of the Park4night just to see how viable it might be. So I had to trek the kilometre there, make an assessment, then climb the kilometre back again up the hill, so as to provide my report to the management. I must admit that I did waver, but in the end thought Sophie’d not feel too comfortable with the drive there.

Anyway, we agreed to stay here. Initially, there were two other motorhomes, but they’ve both gone now, and there are no signs saying we can’t stay, so let’s see what happens.

Sophie, ever concerned about precipitous drops in front of the van, wasn’t keen on my idea to park closer to the edge, but at least let me drive nearer than we were. This was on the proviso that I leave at least 5 metres in front, angle the wheels to the side, and also go and collect two rocks from the edge of the drop (clearly no concern for my safety), which I was to put in front of each tyre. I think we’ll be fine.

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One thought on “Artajona to Ujué

  1. Reminds me of our recent tour of the Outer Hebrides, when we spent one night wild camping, perilously (in my view) close to the cliff edge, which would have been bad enough, but to add to the excitement, there was a proper hooley blowing all night. Needless to say, we were still at the top of the cliff in the morning and I’ve survived to recount the tale. 🙂

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