Ujué to the Spanish/French Border

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Just before 7pm I strongly encouraged our photographer to get out for a walk and take advantage of the lovely sunlight. So we took a stroll up into the town, which was very pleasant, but, as can often be case, it was, in our view, more spectacular seen on the approach road, by virtue of its elevated position.

It was a beautiful full moon that night and we had another peaceful night. Given our easterly aspect over the distant snow-capped mountains, I did something I rarely need to do the previous night and that was check the time for sunrise. It was going to be at exactly 7am, but not being a morning person at all I was not inclined to set an alarm or anything as crazy as that. As it happened, I woke by chance at 6:30, wacked on the heating, got dressed and whipped open the front blinds. Even Sophie woke up after all that commotion, and right on cue we enjoyed an amazing sunrise, and I can probably count on one hand the number of sunrises I’ve ever seen.

We then went back to Olite to do that town some justice, by at least getting out the van this time. They have a well laid out free aire, and right next to the walled historic centre, so very convenient. Definitely worth a visit, and we even had a bargain lunch out.

After this, we fitted in a Lidl shop, then our final town visit was Puenta la Reina, where Sophie enjoyed photographing their famous medieval bridge.

I’d earmarked a Park4night about ten minutes away, which had great views, but slightly too close to the motorway for our taste, so we agreed to push on. We skirted Pamplona, then tracked down some cheap diesel as we knew that the price would be much higher in France.

My next Park4night attempt was overlooking a reservoir, but the parking area had recently been dug up so that was no good. Just round the corner was another lovely spot in the country, but the massive working quarry opposite was a hint too noisy for us. So we just kept on going as we had plenty of time before it turned dark and we knew we’d find somewhere.

Before long we were driving along roads with incredible drops below, and the most amazing views down into very green valleys. I was under strict orders to not look at the view, but I caught the odd glance whilst Sophie drank it all in. We then saw a viable parking area with hard-standing and the potential for impressive views, as it was very misty on arrival. As it turned out we were slap bang on the Spanish/French border, and this was our home for the night.

*** Just to mention that our blogs can be up to a few weeks behind reality, as we’re always in catch-up mode ***

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