Spanish/French Border to St Just Ibarre

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A great night’s sleep was had, although the rain was intermittent throughout the night and morning. This stop can now be found on Park4night as we created a new entry with some photos. For reference, it is where the Spanish NA-138 meets the French D58. We also saw a couple of other motorhomes drive past, and longer than us, so this route is easily doable.

The next part of the drive was very scenic indeed as we descended into a little village through beautifully green sloping fields, packed with sheep and lambs. There was a little tension as the photographer needed me to drive at a snail’s pace, so that she would not miss as much as a single lamb, which didn’t really suit me as I wanted to get on with the journey. We then proceeded along the lovely valley and river, ultimately ending up at St Jean-Pied de Port.

We drove through the town in search of some parking beyond the train station, but this was too far, particularly given the rain. So we thought we’d take our chance parking in the town proper as we’re only 6 metres long. There was parking available, with spaces we’d fit into comfortably, but “no motorhome” signs everywhere. There were two aires where we could be squeezed in with loads of other motorhomes, for €7, so no thanks to that. So we reckoned all this “no motorhome” malarkey was pure protectionism, and on this note we thought uncharitable thoughts about the town authorities and decided to give the place the cold shoulder. As it happened, on the way out I recognised another Park4night (day parking only) that I’d rejected as the description was that it was at the high part of town, which would not generally suit Sophie. It turned out to be a great parking area (Chemin de Mayorga), literally round the corner from the gate to the main medieval area. So we did get to see the town, and all its many pilgrims, after all, and would recommend a visit.

From then on we were looking for a Park4night for the evening stop and came across a lovely car park overlooking a river and bridge, in the town of St Just Ibarre. We took a stroll round, visited a couple of donkeys, took some photos, and now we’re holed up onboard enjoying the view, and our chief cook has decided to prepare an evening meal after her well-earned break for the last three nights – not that I’m counting.

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One thought on “Spanish/French Border to St Just Ibarre

  1. Ah! I’m familiar with this driver vs photographer tension thing!
    Driver usually wins in our bus, resulting in photographer capturing many blurred images with the horizon at a jaunty angle or a tree in the way!

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