Port de By (Medoc) to Port des Callonges (Braud-et-Saint-Louis)

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We’d highly recommend Port de By as a quiet stopover. Also has barbecue, picnic benches, and a water tap. We had just two neighbours last night. Today we continued our tour of the Gironde South bank, taking in a number of other Park4nights along the way. There are quite a few great overnighting possibilities, even with signs saying that motorhomes can stay for a maximum of 24 hours, which is fine by us.

The relentless pine forests of yesterday seem a very long way away here, and the lovely little villages, interspersed with vineyards and their chateaus, made for a very enjoyable drive.

Our plan was to get the Lamarque-Blaye ferry which we used some years ago. This saves a massive detour all round Bordeaux on all those big roads.

The cost is €26.80, which I think is well worth it for all the hassle and extra hours saved.

The aire at Blaye was one we’ve used a couple of times previously, and for reference is very popular, ideally situated by the water, town, and fort, but has no services. Being yet another national holiday here today, we thought we’d use our favourite app to find somewhere else for the night.

We found one perfectly passable spot overlooking a small quay on the Gironde, but decided to keep on looking as I had a couple more up my sleeve. As a special treat I’d found a Park4night literally next to a nuclear power station, knowing Sophie likes to photograph industrial sites. As it happened, parking wasn’t actually permitted, and it didn’t have a view anyway, so we moved on. Sophie told me to say that this Park4night had glowing reviews ;).

Our chosen overnighting place was at Port des Callonges (Braud-et-Saint-Louis), on the banks of the Gironde, at a small port. A popular place for tourists as it has a bird-watching area. Quite a few cars here, given it’s a public holiday, and a handful of motorhomes. We’ve actually chosen a parking area just around the corner from what the photographs imply, but we’re at the point that the coordinates took us to. We’re completely on our own, on hard standing, with the river behind us, and it’s very nice indeed.

After a stroll round the port we returned to find a coypu, making his way behind our motorhome in the direction of the river. He seemed happy to stop to let Sophie take a couple of photos, and when she was finished, he waddled on his journey.

*** Just to mention that our blogs can be up to a few weeks behind reality, as we’re always in catch-up mode ***

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