Port des Callonges (Braud-et-Saint-Louis) to St Romain sur Gironde

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We didn’t drive that far today, just through a few small villages, separated by marshy flatlands, regularly dissected by narrow canals and small lock-gates.

The approach road to our next stop was quite narrow, but with great visibility and solid verges we weren’t too fazed. My indicator as to the viability of such roads is Sophie. If she immediately shouts that we are not going up that stupid lane, or words to that effect, then I reckon that in the interests of world peace, I’ll quickly pass on that particular route. If she says nothing, then it must be alright ;). We later saw larger vehicles than us frequent that road.

When we arrived at the picnic spot in the La Tour de Beaumont vineyard, and saw the 360 degree views of the Gironde, with the South bank in the distance, fields, vineyards, and rolling hills, we knew this had to be our next stop for the night.

Soon after staking our claim in this modest Park4night location, with space for half a dozen vehicles, we were joined by another campervan. As the occupants walked past, Sophie engaged with the French couple, as she can be known to do, and we had a long chat in our school French with these lovely people. As it turned out, this was their first ever trip in a campervan, and so they had the full treatment from us extolling how amazing the lifestyle is. They only had six days of travelling, and so we had to let them go on, but we’ve kept in touch with Didier and Estelle via email since.

The picnic area officially serves the walk up to the obelisk at the top of a hill, which commands even more impressive views, and so we thought it wise to combine some exercise with enjoying more of the beautiful countryside.

Back at the van, we thoroughly enjoyed our amazing overnight location. It was pretty windy, but the sun shone for us. I sat out for a while, but the biting North-easterly got the better of me in the end.

*** Just to mention that our blogs can be up to a few weeks behind reality, as we’re always in catch-up mode ***

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