Laître sous Amance to Chateau Lutzelbourg

Another great night, with only one thoughtless boy racer popping in to the car park with music blaring at some unearthly hour, probably just pulled in for a pee, and thankfully he was soon gone.

Having had no neighbours when we went to sleep, we woke to a full car park, and a seemingless non-stop inward flow of vehicles. I think a walking group had arrived earlier en masse, and then having dominated the small area, all others were struggling to find a space.

Sophie felt a bit embarrassed that we were taking up space so insisted we didn’t hang about. As if any French motorhome would entertain such a thought, but it’s always worth trying to keep the crew happy, to an extent anyway, and so off we went, to the joy of the latest influx of cars, desperate for their few square metres of space.

En route, seeing a large imposing building off to the left caused us to investigate further. After a stroll up a lane we came across what had originally been an old electric power plant, but had now been turned into a habitation.

Where we’d parked at the start of the lane, there was a large group of teenagers who’d been camping in the field next to a community centre. They were all in strange fancy dress and there was lots of singing going on, and unusual props. Bizarre, I can’t really say any more.

Our lunch stop was a lovely spot on a peninsula that stuck out into a large lake. Only room for a few cars, but we had the place to ourselves. This had actually been my fallback for the previous night, and would have been ideal. My trusty app showed a circular, Sophie-suitable route around some fields and then back through the village.

We passed a seemingly aggressive bull in a field with one other. I suggested that it would be best not to look it in the eye, despite the decent fence. Sophie did check it out though, enough to confirm to me that it really was a bull. Then we approached the other animal in the field, but this large beast was a lady, and likely pregnant. They were both particularly vocal, and the “bull” decided to run up to where we were, but we weren’t concerned 😧. At this point I had explain to Sophie that they were both in fact cows – I‘ll put it down to her sheltered upbringing 😉.

Later on we stopped at a motorhome aire in a lovely valley, but it was far too busy for us, so we just used the services and were on our way.

Then we came across the town of Lutzelbourg, above which there loomed some castle ruins. Sophie suggested that we might find we could overnight up there. Whilst this is not in her job description, a Park4night spot did actually appear on my SatNav, so we thought we’d better check it out. The approach road looked a bit tight, so we walked it first to see. Comfortable that we could drive up it and that there was sufficient space to park on the flat, I left Sophie snapping away with her phone, whilst I went and fetched the van. It was a stunning spot, with great views from the castle, and we looked forward to another peaceful night.

*** Just to mention that our blogs can be up to a few weeks behind reality, as we’re always in catch-up mode ***

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