Publy to Grand-Corent

After an ambitious attempt to find a stunning lunch spot on our way South, which, as it turned out would have better suited a toy car, we extracted ourselves out of some tiny lanes and returned to some more grown-up roads.

Before long we found ourselves with front row seats at a viewing point above the Lac de Vouglans. Just off the main road, and particularly being a Sunday afternoon, this was a very popular spot, for both cars and motorbikes, and the view was excellent.

After a lazy and relaxing lunch we were on our way. The weather began to turn at this stage, but we’re pretty relaxed about such things given we’re warm and dry. The rest of the day took in more lovely lakes, and then it was time to find somewhere for the night. En route, we passed a small riverside town that had free facilities, so we whipped in there and were particularly tickled by their sign for toilet emptying, which they’d translated as “faecal sludge”, in big letters.

After Sophie had rejected a few possible stops, we ventured up another steep hill, where at least two vehicles could pass, just, and the opening view of the vast plain below us was stunning. So we then arrived in the tiny village of Grand-Corent, where they had a large rural carpark with lovely meadow views. We took advantage of the last hour of gorgeous sunlight to have a great walk around the village and environs. We’d have no neighbours tonight.

*** Just to mention that our blogs can be up to a few weeks behind reality, as we’re always in catch-up mode ***

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