Here we go again

Trip to Spain, Portugal, & France

Here we go again on what we hope will be our third tour of Spain and Portugal.

The map below shows most of our successful overnight stops over the last couple of years, and the big gap in the middle of Spain gives an indication of the area we’ll be travelling in.

Apart from Spain’s Mediterranean coast, which we will no doubt do selectively one day, there are still a few drives left to do in our Dorling Kindersley Back Roads Spain book.

The area we’ve not touched yet is pretty much all the West of Spain, from the centre of the country to where it meets the Eastern border of Portugal. We also have only travelled along Portugal’s coast, from South to North, and along the Northern land border. So inland Portugal beckons.

Our guide for Portugal will be Edwina Pitcher’s Wild Guide Portugal, which was recommended by fellow Channel Islanders, from Guernsey, who we bumped into in Bragança in the country’s far North East corner on last year’s adventure.

As I write this, I’m thinking that perhaps we won’t necessarily achieve all that on this one trip, but let’s see how it goes – our plans tend to be always evolving.

Please feel free to share/mention this to any friends who you think might be interested in following us on our trip.

One thought on “Here we go again

  1. Hey Michael and Sophie

    Good to see your off on another trip, we will follow it with interest.

    We did the Portugal Spanish border last year, unbelievable ancient villages.

    Have a great time, we’ll be going again September.

    Nigel and KIM
    Festival traders

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