Bedous to Santa Cruz de la Seros

Great spot to spend the night, with the only noise being the nearby river. Strolled into town in the morning then thought we’d head up to the mountain town of Aydius. Our ”old” motorhome buddies, Nick & Sal, had been this way before and had said it was worth a trip. They have a bigger motorhome than ours so we were confident we wouldn’t come unstuck up some tight mountain track. The roads were absolutely fine and parking there very generous. Great location perched on a steep hill and nestled in the mountains. Definitely recommend a visit and you could easily overnight there. There was no phone signal all morning, but it just reappeared after lunch, and so access to the Internet was restored.

There was no putting it off any longer, it was time to make a run for the border. The Somport Tunnel was a new experience for us and slightly strange to enter it in France and then come out in Spain. It was 8km in length and took about 7 minutes. It was well lit and there was a nice gap from the oncoming traffic. So, painless actually.

Very soon we were pulling in to the motorhome aire at Jaca. There were plenty of other punters there, but not too cramped. However, these town aires are not our cup of tea, and after a whistle-stop walk around the town, we tipped out and topped up, and were on our way.

Nick and Sal told us that they liked to stay at the town of Santa Cruz de la Seros up in the hills. This sounded more like our thing and we now have this great rural spot to ourselves. Despite today’s exertions of a walk round Aydius, and Jaca, we dug deep and managed an enjoyable early evening stroll round the lovely small village of Santa Cruz.

I don’t think Nick & Sal have been much further than here, or they’re not letting on, but my Dorling Kindersley Back Roads Spain book is showing a promising tour South of here. Also, there appear to be some cracking Park4night spots along the way. Can’t wait.

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