Candelario to La Alberca

Candelario to La Alberca

We busied ourselves with various distractions in the morning, then took to those steep looking streets. It certainly is an attractive place and we explored the back streets where we found it to be more authentic than we’d anticipated.

The route from the town took us through the larger Bejar, and then spat us out onto the minor road that promised to ultimately deliver us to Ciudad Rodrigo, the end of Drive 14 in the Back Roads Spain book.

The book suggested a visit to Miranda del Castanar, and Park4night gave us a couple of very convenient parking spots. We chose the one just beneath the helipad. We love authentic and raw and this beautiful hill-top town oozed with it. Definitely visit here if you can.

We were now homing in on tonight’s spot for the night. If you ever do find yourself on the route from Miranda to La Alberca, can I strongly suggest that you ignore any attempt by your SatNav to take a shortcut via the tiny hill town of Madronal. We did go that way, and survived, but it is steep and quite narrow, and probably best avoided.

We now find ourselves at La Alberca, where they have a very clean and large carpark, plus motorhome services. The town features in our guide book and a visit will definitely be required, but not tonight. Forecast minimum temperature is -1, so that should be fine. I was momentarily concerned when the forecast went on with the words “Chance of snow”, and I was wondering how I could keep this news from Sophie. I then read it fully and it actually said “Chance of snow: 0%”. Phew 😅.

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