Hinojal to the Embalse de Guadiloba

Negligible traffic passed last night and a good night’s sleep was enjoyed. After coffee we set off to see the small town of Garrovillas de Alconétar, but en route I was keen to check out a couple of my possible stops for the previous night.

The Park4night by a very small disused railway station with lake view, was never a real contender but it intrigued me to visit it anyway. A little further on, and at least 1km down a solid and flat dirt track we came to a small hermitage, with lovely views and it was very peaceful. We took a couple of photos to enhance the Park4night entry, marked it down as one we’d use if we were ever passing the area again, and were on our way.

Garrovillas is written up well in the guidebooks and its main colonnaded square is quirky and attractive. We had a scour round the rest of the town, and then heading for Caceres.

Whilst we don’t go in for big towns, Caceres was well reviewed, and had decent and convenient motorhome parking and facilities. I was also able to locate diesel at €1.129, with a Lidl just round the corner. So a visit was agreed.

It was roughly a 10 minute stroll uphill to the main square, where we found some steps in the shade to sit on and work out where to go next. I whipped out the iPad because I’d downloaded the Lonely Planet’s Best Drives in Spain & Portugal onto it. I found the reference to Caceres, and immediately read that the steps opposite that lead off from the square take you off into a classic medieval part of the town. Most definitely worth a visit in my view.

After using the motorhome facilities we were then contemplating our next move. In theory we should now be heading for Trujillo, about 40km down the road. It’s been quite hot today in the low 20s, but this tends to get exaggerated in towns, particularly when walking around, and hills often seem involved.

We’re quite tired and so one option is to bypass Trujillo completely, but Sophie tells me we need to visit, so we’ve opted to head for a Park4night en route, close to a reservoir. We’re in a large area of hard-standing, with open views, and a great breeze, which is really appreciated. I’ve been told that tomorrow we’ll be visiting Trujillo before it gets too hot.

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