Embalse de Guadiloba to Canamero

That stop was a pretty good find in a part of the world where there are less Park4nights on the map than we‘re generally used to. It had no reviews or photos, and the person who’d added it hadn’t even stayed overnight, but just suggested it might be suitable. Anyway, we’ve added our review plus photos, and, from our point of view, was definitely better than being cooped up with all the other motorhomes in Caceres.

As it turned out, and this sometimes happens, Sophie was right, and Trujillo was a gem not to be missed. There was motorhome parking at the bullring, then just a 15 minute stroll to the main square, which I know because Sophie made me time it.

The town is set around a hill, and to us has a very Tuscan feel. I’m pretty sure I was dragged around every single medieval back street, but it is outstandingly attractive, and ranks up there as one of the best Spanish towns we’ve ever visited.

Even arriving as late as 11am, the temperatures hadn’t reached their peak and so wandering round in T-shirts in 18C heat was perfect for us. We walked non-stop for almost two and a half hours, which shows that for Sophie, who’ll often draw the line at 30 minutes, we can often do much more than we think, especially if we’re distracted with a camera 😉.

So that was our exercise for the day and so we set off for a drive in a Guadalupe direction. Very pleasant driving conditions, with good single carriageway roads. We stopped in Logrosan for their motorhome services, and given Sophie’s exertions of earlier in the day, she said she was not up to visiting Guadalupe this afternoon, and could we stop somewhere en route and then have a look round the town tomorrow.

A quick check on Park4night showed some parking next to the Charco de la Nutria, apparently a “wide and deep natural basin of the cold waters of the Ruecas River”, just outside the town of Canamero. To be honest, none of the pictures on Park4night seemed to match anything we saw, which didn’t include a river, and so we did some exploring, with Sophie almost losing her sense of humour at one point 😉.

So we plumped for a nice flat spot on the parking area outside an interpretation centre, that seems rather quiet. The views of the mountain opposite are impressive, and we don’t expect much traffic passing on this very minor hill road.

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