Salvatierra de los Barros to Almonaster la Real

Spanish music, reminiscent of the Gypsy Kings, started up from a distant farm on a hill. Bearing in mind our general intolerance to having other people’s musical tastes imposed on us, and given the amazing natural distant views we were enjoying, the music was almost strangely appropriate. Also it was far enough away not to be overly annoying.

As it happened, the forecasted thunder storms were soon passing over us and that was the last we heard from our distant neighbours. We left Jersey on 1st March and today is the last day of the month. We think that last night was the only time it has rained on us.

It’s a beautiful morning now, and we survived the loss of one hour overnight This is one of my favourite days of the year, with that extra hour of daylight in the evenings, with the prospect of six more months of it. Ironically, within a couple of days I think it likely we’ll be in Portugal, to start our strictly inland tour of the country from bottom to top. Portugal, unfortunately, adopts the same time as the UK, and so we will lose that extra hour of daylight.

Today we continued Back Roads Spain’s long way round to get us to the final stop from the guide book, Jerez de los Caballeros. They have good motorhome facilities there, which we used, but an apparent 25 minute walk into town, even if there had been space to park there, wasn’t really for us. We used Park4night to get us much closer.

We were very glad we’d made the effort of getting to this town, which is built on a steep hill, like most of them, and we enjoyed the ancient buildings set within this white-washed town.

From then on we pushed further South down a very good N road, and encountered very little traffic. We ultimately hit the mountains, and after a couple of possible stops that didn’t live up to their billing, we now find ourselves overlooking the very attractive small town of Almonaster la Real, which itself is overlooked by its castle.

Some younger local motorhomers with pounding music, who clearly don’t get the protocol of this lifestyle, have thankfully gone home, and in doing so have relinquished the prime position, which we’ve nabbed. However, we are blocking in a couple of parked up coaches where we are, so come bed time we will head down to the other end of the carpark.

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