Almonaster la Real

After a busy Monday, we decided to spend a rare second night at Almonaster. We had prime position to take in that lovely view and had the place to ourselves.

Later in the day, after a thunderstorm had passed over and the sky cleared, we decided to take on the walk down to the village from our elevated position and then up to the ancient mosque that was even higher than our starting point.

To look at it, it appeared quite a formidable feat to attempt, and I have to confess that it was Sophie‘s idea. I’d actually proposed a more modest stretching of the legs. She made me time it and we were surprised that it took only 15 minutes to reach the mosque, and it’s always slower with a keen photographer with you.

The moody clouds and the incredible views made it a very worthwhile visit. We then descended through the white-washed village, and opted for an easier route back. It rained again that evening, and as the parking area began to look more like a small lake, we repositioned ourselves on the highest section near the exit.

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