Almonaster la Real to Amendoeira da Serra

The water had pretty much cleared by the morning and we were soon on our way. We took the scenic route through the mountains, and knowing just how much more the diesel would be in Portugal, topped up for the last sub-€1.20 fuel we’d see for a while.

I’d planned to go the long way round Northwards to Portugal, but a quick check of the HU-7401 showed that this was an excellent road and so a big diversion was not required. We were in Portugal in no time, and soon heading down a somewhat bouncy ER265 to Mina de Sao Domingos, where motorhome services are provided.

This was an attractive white-washed small town, and certainly the parking by the lake was a hit with other motorhomes. Sophie was having palpitations at being so close to other fellow van-dwellers, and so we decided to continue on our way.

Next stop was Mertola, another white town, built on the side of a hill, above a river, and with a castle on top. Motorhome parking was laid on down by the river, and another cardio-walk was inevitable. This was just as well, because the palpitations had returned as we were parked so close to the other vans, and Sophie had thought that this might be where I was planning to overnight.

It was a great walk, with plenty of photograph opportunities, but once that was over we were on our way. I have to say that there are not that many Park4night opportunities in these parts, and so I took a gamble on one that seemed a long way out in the sticks, and what’s more, allegedly with no phone signal, and so no Internet.

It was a long bouncy road, but incredibly picturesque, and that helped distract the photographer. The spot is really very lovely, with tarmac footing, and great views. Fortunately there is decent Internet here too. As we were enjoying this special place all to ourselves a Dutch van turned up and parked next to us. Nooooo! The driver asked if I knew if there was parking closer to the waterfall, which this parking area served. Thinking on my feet I recalled a Park4Night review saying someone had driven down there. I told him this and we haven’t seen them since, so it’s either been a great success, or they’re stuck 😉.

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