Sahechores de Rueda to Dehesa de Montejo

After another busy morning of phone calls for me, we were set for departure straight after an onboard lunch.

Before long we began to realise just how vast these mountains were, and they were simply stunning. We had the weather on our side, and so if you can imagine snow-capped, tree covered mountains and beautifully blue, calm, reflective lakes, and green valleys, all bathed in wonderful sunlight, and with fluffy clouds to finish off the picture, you’ll have idea of just how special the journey was today.

We took the N625, then the N621 North as far as Potes. In our experience Spain’s “N” roads are great because there’ll be few surprises and nothing too steep, so for tourers, like us, who can soon tire of too many tight twists and turns this was an ideal way to visit the lovely mountains.

We only covered a section of the Picos and there are other routes, some narrower and steeper and I’m sure much more dramatic, but we were pleased to have seen what we did.

I’d half-hoped we’d overnight in Potes’ generous out of the way parking, but not getting the right signals from Sophie, I was back on duty to consider what other overnighting options were available.

The added problem I faced was that I think staying in a motorhome for the night is not permitted in any national park. The only Park4nights I could see on my route ahead were in the Parque Nacional de Fuentas Carrionas y Fuente Cobre-Montana Palentina, so despite a couple of tempting stops, I thought I should keep going.

After some emptying in the small town of Cervera de Pisuerga, where their parking was ruined by the very scruffy dump adjacent, on we drove. Several km further on we then found the Park4night that serves the start of the walk to “Tejeda de Tosande”, a popular yew wood. With mountain views and very quiet, it seemed ideal. After many hours of solid mountain driving I was very pleased to put my feet up.

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