Dehesa de Montejo to Orbaneja

A really good night’s sleep. A morning catching up on blogging and some biscuit baking for Sophie, and then we popped along to the lovely small town of Aguilar de Campoo for a wander around and a spot of tipping out and topping up at their free motorhome aire.

Next up was a utilitarian visit to Reinosa, for bargain Diesel, LPG, and a Lidl restocking. We literally emptied their shelves of their very good value and great tasting vintage cava at €2.99. Along with some random trays of items such as their large white Judion beans, and decaf ground coffee, our trolley was clearly struggling but it made it to the motorhome across the carpark. Sophie was at a loss as to how I could possibly secrete all the contraband in the van and us still live in it, but it’s all been put away and you’d never know it was there.

My target for today was the highly recommended Orbaneja, known specifically for its waterfall. What I hadn’t anticipated was the stunning gorge in which the village is situated. We’re now in the first carpark you get to on the approach to the village. We’re currently the only motorhome here and I find it hard to satisfactorily describe just how amazing my view currently is as I sit outside with a glass of Rioja and gaze up at the sun drenched dramatic rock formations. Sophie, on the other hand, can appreciate none of this as she’s preparing my dinner 😉.

We’re expecting a very lovely and peaceful night down here.

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