Orbaneja to Artajona

Despite my best efforts, Sophie was insistent that we make an early start. I tried hiding under the covers but I wasn’t going to win. I insisted on a hot drink but was offered hot water with slices of lime. Great 🙄.

It was a cool 5C as we stepped off the van, so it was a proper Winter coat, hat, scarf, and gloves job. We definitely chose the right parking area, for us anyway, and as we walked past the next carpark we saw a few motorhomes in close proximity to one another.

It was a short stroll to the beautiful tiny village of Orbaneja, which is built on the side of a very steep incline and is overlooked by an imposing cliff. The village’s main selling point is the waterfall that appears from right under it, and it is certainly impressive. It also has more to offer than just this and is charmingly characterful and a must see if you’re in the neighbourhood.

We then continued our journey South through the very attractive gorge, popping in on a couple of villages along the way. Before long we were up on the plateau and heading East. As we descended from the plateau to the plain below, the scene was breathtaking and by accident we came across the lovely Castillo de los Rojas near Pozo de la Sal.

We popped into Pozo for a walkabout on Sophie’s insistence and really enjoyed the character of this lovely town.

From here we had a long drive East, mostly along the N232 to Logrono. This is a great road in our opinion as it takes you right through the very scenic Rioja country and we were able to reminisce about previous visits to this region.

I think I might have bitten off more than I could chew though with this long drive, and by the time we’d reached the beautiful parking at Artajona, with its fortified walls and incredible 360 degree views we were both pooped. Let’s put it down to age 😉.

Sophie has reheated her very tasty stew from a couple of nights ago, and I’m currently sat out in the sun with a glass of Spanish red. No neighbours tonight. We stayed here last year and it is a stunner I wanted to stay at again. The wind’s a bit strong but not enough to be a problem.

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