Artajona to Yesa

We had the place to ourselves all morning and it was a welcome glorious day to really appreciate those stunning views.

After lunch we took full advantage of the motorhome facilities down below the town, and these seem to have been a new, and much appreciated addition.

We then took a leisurely drive East taking in some lovely villages, before taking a turn North to visit the Foz de Lumbier. Learning a trick from Sophie, I’ve only now researched what this place was after the event. So, it’s a “Protected river gorge nature reserve with rich wildlife including falcons, kingfishers & otters.“

I know that all sounds very lovely but it would definitely involve walking and likely require proper footwear, camouflage gear etc and on a hot day like today would honestly not be our idea of fun. The carpark fee of €2.50 did not impact our decision at all 😉. We have to thank our motorhoming friends, Nick and Sal, for suggesting a visit though.

Next on the agenda was a drive through of Sanguesa, where they have a few Medieval buildings, then straight on to the castle at Javier. We had a brief walkaround there, then headed for our potential stop for the night.

Old motorhome timers, Nick and Sal, recommended the carpark at the Monasterio de Leyre, just beyond Yesa, so this was our target. About 1km short of the monastery, Sophie caught sight of a great view so insisted I reverse back down the road for her to take some more photos.

We then noticed a mirador/viewing spot was indicated down a solid and wide looking track, so I walked it and found that it would be ideal. We then discovered that it actually was a Park4night already, so here we are, currently on our own, with more incredible views of mountains, lake, and cliffs. It’s still a touch windy in these parts, but we’re tucked in enough to maximise shelter.

This may well be our last night in Spain for this trip, so a farewell glass of cava may be in order.

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