Touille to Saint Blancard

Despite such a great spot, we soon realised we were right beneath the church’s bell tower. These were not ordinary bells because when they struck the hour, and half-hour, the whole van seemed to vibrate, and whilst our ears weren’t actually in pain, we knew it would only be a matter of time. Did I mention that the clock repeated its chimes, just in case you managed to miss the count the first time?

Reluctantly we knew we needed to find an alternative location. Fortunately, Park4night came up with a spot just down the hill and by a lake, and this turned out to be excellent. We still heard the bells, but now distantly at reasonable levels.

We moved off early afternoon and enjoyed the country route. We stopped at SuperU for the essentials of cheese, bread, and custard flan, then continued to follow our Camping-Car guide book. We definitely appreciated the green rolling hill scenery and older architecture.

As time was getting on we needed to think about our overnight options, which were few and far between. Before long though we came across a boating area on a reservoir near Saint Blancard. It was a proper road to get here, albeit narrow, but knowing that bigger motorhomes than us had been here before gave us the confidence that it would be fine, and it was.

So now we’re by the side of a lovely reservoir with great rural views, and we expect another quiet night.

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