Aragnouet (France) to Touille

It was a very quiet night up in the mountains, where it reached a low of -1C. Only a few vehicles passed by, but this is not surprising given that it would not be an appealing drive in the pitch black.

It was popular as the morning progressed, which was not surprising as today was Mayday, a public holiday in much of Europe.

My intention was to initially head North then East a little, where we’d stop somewhere the night and come up with a plan from there. A few years ago I bought a well-recommended French Michelin guide called Escapades en Camping-Car. The book provides recommended modest routes, and covers the whole of the country. It’s entirely in French and whilst I don’t claim to understand everything it says, it does provide maps, with towns worth visiting, and where you can park a motorhome. I’ve generally forgotten about this interesting resource, but I’m going to give it a go to see how we get on.

En route to where I was planning to pick up one of the book’s drives, we accidentally came across a park4night by the old church in the small village of Touille. It is set in an elevated position away from the main town, and offers wide and long views across the fields and hills. It seemed too lovely to pass by so here we are for tonight.

One bonus of being back in France is that you can quite legitimately get your chairs out, whereas in Spain and Portugal this is illegal. So I’m enjoying the comfort of a camping chair as I write this.

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