Port Beni, Pleubian

From Paimpol, again avoiding where we’ve already visited in recent years, we headed west to skirt past Lezardrieux (somewhere we’d holidayed in our boating days). At this point we headed north pretty much to the village of Pleubian, to specifically ‘Port Beni’ where we have had a brilliant overnight stop right ‘on’ the beach. Availability is made for 4 vans (we achieved an official space) but 2 more vans could have parked up perfectly reasonably, so a bit of extra unofficial overflow scope. When you find somewhere special, you aim to stay somehow!


Last night, being shoulder to shoulder with our neighbours, we did get a bit of annoying background TV sound for a while from one van, but it wasn’t intrusive enough to warrant a tap on their door!

It was quite a wild scene here yesterday (and I don’t mean Michael and myself on this occasion!), no, the wind was fairly blustery, but today it’s been a beautiful sunny day and we took a stroll down onto the beach before our hummus and crudité lunch, followed by a coffee eclair! Hmmm! Couldn’t resist trying that selection box of eclairs at a bargain price, but have lived to regret it of course! In fact I wasn’t enamoured with the cerise and framboise one, so calories wasted! Nope, you can’t beat a coffee eclair!



So it’s early afternoon, and Michael’s worked part of the day and before too long, having latterly been putting our feet up, I suspect we’ll be heading to overnight at Tregiuer (been there more than once, and most recently only last year, but it’s a nice riverside aire, and free, so might suit us nicely for a stopover.

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