Northernmost Coast of Brittany

From our Ecole Primaire at Plougrescant we explored the prettiest bit of French coast in the north of Brittany (in our point of view). We’ve visited a lot of it over the years!

The very northern tip of Pointe du Chateau, Le Gouffre, coming down on the map, still on the coast, through places like Pors Scaff.




The rugged pink granite coastline seemed more special than what we had in years gone by seen at Ploumanach (to the west), and I feel sure that is due to this newly explored coastline being devoid of tourism, with just an abundance (in a scattered kind of way) of pretty coastal stone cottages. Not a souvenir shop to be seen! There were no bars, no café’s, no restaurants, just the wonderful unadulterated presence of nature, and nature in it’s rawest, though beautiful appearance.


As we walked along the wonderfully user friendly coastal path we passed majestic granite rock formations, and cobble stone beaches ‘decorated’ with smatterings of various shades of green from wild sea spinach and sea holly (the latter, in a pretty yellow bloom), a first sighting for me!, for both of us I suspect.


The weather was superb, and we got in a good walk, so good, I felt quite drained later! I think the sudden warm weather got me! So that was the last walk of the day, and just touring along in the van from that point, carrying along the coast (as much as is physically possible), following any helpful tourist signs where appropriate.



We stopped at a few places along the way, be it briefly on a bench, or sitting on board the van and watching the world go by.




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