Perros Guirrec then inland

By the end of the afternoon we reached Perros Guirrec, which we pretty instantly felt wasn’t going to inspire us. It’s a larger sea port, rather dated, lacking any particular history, and just nothing there to grab our attention, so we drove through and didn’t stop!

It’s the sort of place that would be more forgiving at night! The marina is the best bit I’d say, but as with everywhere, you need to go there and see it for yourselves to form your own opinion.



Last night we stayed at another free stop (all been free so far, and long may that last! – such a good feeling!).

Another thing that has given me a buzz, is our (so far), and quite amazingly so, a first for us, our only having needed spend 1 solitary Euro on water. This we purchased at a Super U, though unfortunately few Super U supermarkets offer this brilliant facility. It merited a photo!!!


Ok, I guess a good number of you are laughing by now!!! I don’t mind, I can’t hear!!!


Our stop is a specially designated car park for motorhomes, at a theme park basically, at Pleumeur-Bodou. It sounds awful doesn’t it, but no visual evidence of a theme park from where we’re parked up, we had only 3 neighbours (none with a deck chair mentality towards us!), and a very peaceful night, only with the welcome sound of an owl at some point. It was a night though of one minute too warm, and the next cold, and I know that’s not a peri-menopausal observation as Michael felt the same!!!!


Today we have had a full working day for Michael to the not too in your face sound of background children’s voices. I can only liken it to being near, but not hideously near a school playground (or I’d be out of here!!!).

For me it’s been a day of cooking, modest cleaning (as is all one can do on board a motorhome!), reading and ‘writing’, if that’s what using a keyboard should be called!

Our lunch was a simple affair of a hard boiled egg, cold chicken thighs (cooked of course!), and a tasty tin of ‘doctored’ baked beans! I checked out recipes on how to make ones own curry powder and from my onboard selection, knocked up a basic recipe, added in a little cinnamon, and very good it was too!

I love finding ways to be resourceful, and the Internet proves it’s worth when I have access to it to help. Had I not had it, it would have been regular baked beans! We also snacked on some butternut squash seeds I had dry toasted in a pan. We all hear about pumpkin seeds, but not butternut for some reason, but so far (and we’ve eaten these a good few times now), Michael and I don’t seem to be any worse for consuming them!

It’s overcast now, but I shan’t complain as it makes for a comfortable temperature, albeit rubbish for photo taking! I can feel a hint of the munchies coming on! The scales were kind to me this morning and I’ve been good so far today so think I’ll allow myself something naughty to eat!

Michael’s packing up work soon he says, and we’ll aim to be visiting Lannion later.

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