We called in at Lannion briefly.

Parking was easy in the central car park and only 10 centimes per hour.

We picked up a town map (normally free on our travels, but 50 centimes in Lannion) from the tourism office (located in this central car park). These maps we discovered make seeing a town or city so much easier as they are generally set out with a ‘circular’ tourist walking route in numbered order, taking in any points of interest. Now whenever we arrive in a town or city, we head straight to the tourism office to get one. Usually the maps are free as I say.

I couldn’t not photograph these 2 shops!



So, map in hand (Michael’s!) we did the 40 minute approximately round route of this perfectly pleasant town, though not one we’ll be bothering to visit again should we be passing in the future. Some places, if not many, even most, are like that – pleasant, and you’re glad to have visited to tick them off ‘the list’ but not left with a desire to return particularly.

My photos tend to be of the highlights too! – so a lot about these places is not that fabulous that naturally I haven’t bothered photographing those aspects.

(The canal offers kayaking – and the water runs fast, so more suited to entry level adrenalin junkie, than leisurely ‘cruisers’!)


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