Plestin Les Greves

From Lannion we drove less than half an hour to our free overnight stop at Plestin les Greves (fitting in a Lidl shop en-route), and parked up
along with 4 other vans.

The spot was by a scenic little estuary with good walking.




We got chatting with our French neighbours having been fascinated by their cat Eliot who travels always with them.

The husband spoke impressively good English and explained that his French wife has Scottish ‘Eliot’ family roots, and that they had visited Scotland, and that he had a kilt, to which I remarked in my best French, something to the effect of assuming he wore something under his kilt!!! Thankfully they seemed amused, though I’m not sure about Michael, but either way I was very proud of my spontaneous bit of humour said in French! We chatted for a while and I’d have been only too happy to have invited them on board for a drink, but Michael was too tired! Hey ho!

IMG_1008 IMG_1021 IMG_1038

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