Plestin Les Greves – Plage des Cures

So Plestin les Greves had been a very good overnight stop, and now we’re just 5 mins or so further along the road at another picturesque point, ‘Plages des Cures’ with a good few other motorhomes.  It has 6 official places for vans to stay over, but clearly many stay on and use the copious car parking to cater for the demand.

image1-5 image2-6

It’s a beautiful day and I will pop the pizza under the grill, though having just eaten too many mixed nuts and raisins, may feel a bit stuffed after!!!  Eyes bigger than my belly!

A slice too of cake, it’s now time for a daily constitutional!!!

Very lovely bay there

image1-6 image2-5 image3-4

image1-11 IMG_1089


IMG_1095 IMG_1096

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