We have had a brilliant free overnight stop at Plougasnou.  It is the aire that features on the current copy of the ‘All the Aires in France’ (North edition) book.


We arrived to find all the front spots taken, and so parked a different way nearby, and have found in doing so, we gain a better range of view in fact, and are not only able to look forwards, not having neighbours to our sides.


As Michael often says, there’s the ‘monkey see monkey do’ mentality, but that doesn’t always prove the best way, but certainly demands little thinking.

We got a lovely walk in yesterday evening over the craggy headland, and barely anyone to be seen, so you really do feel away from the madding crowd.   It was blowy, but not so much to have me worry that we were going to get blown away, but not cold with it, though we did wrap up to be on the safe side.

image3-5 image4-5

Loving our new ‘Crocs’ – just like wearing slippers!  Michael wears them everywhere, except to bed!  Me too for that matter!


Lots of pink thrift dotted about, something we are familiar with back home.

image1-8 image2-8 IMG_1135 IMG_1160 IMG_1171

IMG_1102 FullSizeRender-1 IMG_1153 FullSizeRender-2 FullSizeRender

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