Füssen to Lindeberg via Immenstadt (Deutsche Alpenstrasse)

Driving the Deutsche Alpenstrasse, Bavaria, Germany

This amused us! When the cows come home

As you will see from these photos, our view changed! The chap clearly didn’t see the sign for coaches to park in the designated car park! It actually was amusing, simply for the fact that we were heading off!

This aire was 8 Euros inclusive of free water, so an average price for Germany. We’re achieving at least half our stops as free ones, so doing pretty well really. 

We made good use of the free motorhome aire at Lindenberg am Allgau. We got a nice spot on the end (reduces immediate neighbours!) and settled down for the evening, cooking bratwurst (sausage) and fried onions to have with the large Turkish flatbread that took my fancy, which was rather compatible with our table!

That evening, free from the heat of the day had a stroll around the village. 



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