Lindenberg to Lindau (Bodensee/Lake Konstanz)

We couldn’t not call into Austria, albeit for about half an hour! It was then back into Germany en-route to ‘Lindau’ on Bodensee (Lake Konstanz) – the German Riviera basically. 

We then visited the very pleasant island town of Lindau on Bodensee. The pictures, I think, speak for themselves:


2 thoughts on “Lindenberg to Lindau (Bodensee/Lake Konstanz)

  1. Great photos and nice to see another part of the world. We will be down at Chateaux La Pulante this evening, just awaiting Tanya to get back from work.

    Keep taking those pictures.

    PS I could not leave a comment on your last past for some reason it kept taking me back to the home page of the blog.



    1. Hi K&T

      Looking forward to joining you soon at Chateau La Pulente! Just 2 nights left for us, but our blog will go on for at least a week after we return!

      Not sure about your blog comment issue. I’ll take a look, but it seems that you’ve been able to comment since, which is good.

      Thanks for your faithful following


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