Lindau to Heiligenberg

The scenery was somewhat marred by the noisy busy road we had to use, and not helped by extreme heat!
The Hieligenberg Schloss comes into view

Very nice aire (5 Euros inc water) within a lovely rural setting on the edge of this small town.  

Put the van on its ‘cheeses’ so’s the shower cubicle water drained away via the plug hole and not into the van! So far this has never happened, but best to be level, and safe, than sorry!

Wondering what to ‘conjure’ us up for lunch, I found half of the Turkish flatbread lurking and turned it into bruschetta! There’s always this and that on board to knock something up! 

Met Dave and Dawn from the UK. Had them over for drinks – introducing Dawn to my much enjoyed Aperol Spritz! – the boys had cold beers.

We really admired their selling up, buying their motorhome, and touring Europe for 10 months – and 2 months in they’re loving it and have achieved so much! – and they were brand new to motorhoming! 

We have since been following them on Facebook and were tickled by their name for us ‘The Jersey Royals’. We’ll be keeping in touch.

The aire was perfectly located right by the village, whilst having this wonderful rural location and bags of scope to chill out, which we did! We enjoyed the setting of the aire so much, and needing to rest up a bit, we stayed 2 nights, which at 5 Euros a night (water included), it was money well spent. 

We didn’t pay to visit the Schloss as it was not possible to do an outdoor visit only. We couldn’t face a tour! We get too fidgety and only like to look around under our own steam. We’re not really museum people either for that fact! – the content interests me, but I want to whizz around and get the gist of everything and not tortoise speed my way around! – and certainly not try to stay looking interested while someone rambles on in way too much detail! Yawn!!!!

Anyway, we got to enjoy the view of the Schloss, in good weather, and that did us happily!


We enjoyed dinner out that evening with lovely view across towards the Schloss. Such a pleasure to be able to eat outside! 

Dinner out at ‘Ristorante Alte Schule’


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