Heiligenberg to Rottweil via Geisingen

We called in at Sigmaringer and it was with much relief to me when Michael said that (as much as he had loved them!) we would not be stopping over for the Deep Purple concert. Phew!!!
I never was much of a head banger!!!😉 

Geisingen Aire

A very good aire and well worth the 7 Euros, (water extra but cheap as chips, and you could buy 10 cents worth at a time, so very good). We didn’t have any cents left, so put a Euro in.  

Spacious plots with a very nice backdrop and excellent services. Only somewhat unfortunate for our particular night’s stay some drunken revellers from a nearby wedding decided to walk by late into the night! Thankfully they didn’t cause any further nuisance over waking us with their noise! These things occasionally happen! 

Jolly hot weather hence lots of cold drinks! Aperol Spritz, and on this occasion too I made us raspberry ice-cream smoothies! Yum!

Driving through Rottweil, it wasn’t hard to see (despite it’s less than endearing name!) that it was a town worthy of a proper visit, so we parked up in a general car park and headed back on into the town centre. 

Apparently I’m stood next to a statue of one of my ancestors!!! Haha!!!


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