Beaumont Le Roger to La Ferrière aux Ètangs via Lisieux

Great little free aire with free water at Beaumont Le Roger in Normandy. 
The bonus was the HEAVENLY sweet aroma of baking exuding from the building backing into the little brook by us. It of course was the rear of the boulangerie/patisserie, and never have we smelt anything quite so breathtaking! If only one could package it!

We also have never seen a boulangerie/patisserie with such a queue outside! – but with that olfactory lure, we’re not the least bit surprised!  

Perhaps just as well we don’t live there or we’d risk being as big as houses!  

Needless to say we bought a loaf and some almond croissants and a coffee eclair, which we had to halve as we meant to buy two!  

We also couldn’t resist buying a rotisserie chicken!


Chateau de Beaumesnil

We called by on the off-chance, but the chateau wasn’t opening until the afternoon, and we had to press on, so I just walked around and took a few shots of what I could see of it and its grounds. 

It certainly is a very charming building.



Lisieux and its Basilica

Brief visit and ate our lunch on board before carrying on our journey

60% of Lisieux was destroyed in the 2nd World War so sadly little of its medieval historical buildings left.  


From Lisieux to Vimoutiers

Aire at La Ferrière aux Etangs

We were en route so it was ideal to be able to overnight once again at this superb free motorhome aire. 

We had stayed here a good few nights in fact earlier in the year as it had proven to be such a pleasant, quiet and scenic stop, and free! – just water to pay for. It proved ideal to radiate out from as we explored the locality. 
Whilst there, albeit briefly this time, we couldn’t resist taking a walk up the hill hoping we’d catch sight of the foxes, but sadly not on this occasion. Possibly wrong time of day or in their den it being cooler than when we last were there. 

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