La Ferrière aux Ètangs to Saint Malo via Dinan

Headed off fairly promptly the next morning on our journey to Dinan, which is half an hour from St Malo ferry terminal, and a town we know well and love. It’s a real gem of a place, and as well as being a feast for the eyes, is a great place to eat out with numerous restaurants. 
We passed through Domfront and Ducey, two places we had visited properly on our trip earlier in the year. 

On to Dinan

Lunch at ‘Chez La Mere Pourcel’ in Dinan. A first time for us to this restaurant, but we shall return! Great fillet steak! Cooked perfectly! Brilliant way to round off a great trip!

Michael had driven 1,400 miles, so it seemed reasonable to agree to drive him back to Jersey after lunch! I can’t say I was loving the drive though! – I’m not confident with the size and length of the vehicle and was sure I was going to clout the back of it pulling away from parking spaces and petrol pumps! 

I was fine on the straight forward driving though, but wonder somehow if Michael wouldn’t with hindsight have preferred to forgo that extra glass of red and drive himself! He generally much prefers to drive the van and I can’t say I’m complaining, but I guess if I could get confident driving it that would be great! – even if just to be on standby! – oh, and for the sense of achievement!
Smooth crossing on the boat – fantastic! – then back home to a day, or two, of playing catch up!!! (not so great!!!).  
The pluses of being back are seeing family, Fluffy and our friends again, the minuses are seeing all the things around the house etc that demand our attention and our funds! – the minuses we don’t miss for one moment whilst we are away on the van living the simple uncluttered life that it provides. C’est la vie!
Today I spent a bit of time just ‘chilling out’ with Poppy, sat chatting in my favourite room, on my favourite sofa, in my comfy old slippers, and with the latest copy of Waitrose magazine to enjoy! I also showed her my easy, minimal washing up method of making German ‘Spatzle’ noodles! (their equivalent of fresh Italian pasta) – but way way quicker to make!!!
Michael’s travelling however continued, as today he was over to Guernsey for work and is not back until Friday.   
Yes, it’s been a great month long trip to Germany with a real sense of achievement to have done that on our Motorhome.
Looking forward to discussing and planning our next trip! 

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