La Flèche to Vouvray, via Le Lude

We called in at La Lude having seen the signpost for ‘Chateau le Lude’ en-route, and no least too with me being rather partial to chateaux! We parked at the aire, walked into the town and managed to see the chateau grounds for free as there was a local sporting event being held there, which had just finished in fact. Handy!  














That night we overnighted at the Vouvray free aire. Just one other van there apart from us – French folk. I guess that’s hardly surprising! Another decent night’s sleep – though a hint chilly in the morning, so tonight, with the gas being so cheap, we’re going to keep the heater on low through the night and see how that works out.  
There’s no need to feel less than comfortable so we shan’t be skimping on heating. You have to be warm in your home – there’s no place for feeling cold and miserable! – and the van is our little home on wheels after all!
So yeah, Vouvray – well we sat on board for a while and had a cuppa before wrapping up and heading out to explore the town. It’s not overly big and so easy to see what there is, which we did. Gave us our daily constitutional! 





2 thoughts on “La Flèche to Vouvray, via Le Lude

  1. Too bad sun was not shining – aged stone is so colourful. Great looking place…thanks for sharing

  2. Yes, photos without the sun aren’t quite the same! – but the character and so on is worth capturing either way – in fact the memory of the visit is caught! – just as well too as everywhere can too readily become a blur in ones recollection! Thanks for your comments.

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