More Mirepoix & on to Lagarde

Another quiet day as it turned out. A little work followed by a stroll into the lovely medieval town of Mirepoix. 
Although we had no plans to eat, we succumbed to the temptation as it was such good value. Unfortunately, not quite used to our much earlier starts to the day, we’d decided on eating out at 11am, which was a bit too early really. So we walked round a bit more & I suggested a stroll up to SuperU for some basic supplies. 
After getting some essentials, ie bread & wasabi coated peanuts, we wandered back to the main square & the restaurant of our choice beneath the covered area that surrounds the square. 
At 11:50 we reckoned they’d let us in. It’s been several months since we’ve used our French & after being showed to our table Sophie promptly said “merci, au revoir”, at which point the waitress turned round and walked off as instructed. Lunch was good & we followed that with coffee for me outside in the square. 
We’d noticed a poster advertising a concert that evening of Celtic music with harp & contre-bass (like a double bass that’s also played like a cello). Thought we’d give it a go, but first I had to prove to Sophie that I knew where it was being held. Sophie’s not one for a single wasted step. So I took her to the unlikely looking venue & we agreed to return at 6pm. 
In the afternoon we enjoyed the sight of a fellow motorhoming wife smoking a pipe, as did her husband. Then en route to the concert we saw a camper van hybrid, which consisted of the body of a Renault 4 welded to the top of a camper van. It looked a bit like a submarine & conning tower. Very imaginative & a first for us. 
Later we turned up at that evening’s main event and there were others milling around so we made our way in. It was actually a charity clothes shop & the concert took place in a rather small room filled with a broad range of chairs, sofas, & stools. All the clothes rails had been pushed to one side. Not being one to slum it, Sophie headed straight for the comfiest looking sofa & there we stayed. To help set the scene a little, to our right in the corner was the trying-on area, with a see-through curtain, and next to that the toilet door. 
It was a bit tight as more arrived and we had to shuffle along the sofa a few times, and then it was just sitting on the floor for all the others. Several people had brought along their little darlings, which they decided was a mistake after they became a little troublesome, & so had to leave. This cannot be done subtly when you’re in the equivalent of someone’s small living room with a rather large harp and bass being played with passion, with 40+ in the audience. 
Anyway, we thoroughly enjoyed the music, especially after certain children had been escorted off the premises. 
That afternoon, after raiding the local tourist office for inspirational propaganda, we sat down and planned where we should visit. It looks like we’ve a few more days touring the Ariege departement in the Midi-Pyrenees region, followed by Aude & Pyrenees-Orientales in the Languedoc Region. After that there’s nowhere else left but Spain. 
So, following the concert, after a quick visit to SuperU again for more essentials, this time milk, coffee ice cream, & a big flan for me, we made our first step on the upcoming tour of the region. This took us 10 minutes down the road to a Park4Night on the grass outside the ruined Chateau de Lagarde. Not a soul around, pitch black, & a howling wolf of a guard dog. Just how we like it, but not the dog bit of course, although he seems to have gone back to sleep, so we’ll make sure to tiptoe around just in case.

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