Chateau de Lagarde, Camon, Lac de Montbel

It was a cold and rainy start to the day as we awoke next to the ruined Chateau de Lagarde. After she was up and washed, Sophie insisted we move our location to improve our view, which then left us on a ridiculous angle. As you might imagine, my washtime was a little strange & disorienating being at such an angle, & our coffee definitely looked at an unusual slant. Fortunately, after a quick walk around the closed chateau’s walls we headed off. 

First stop was the little village of Camon, which was a pleasant visit, but the weather was still somewhat overcast. As we pulled in there I had a call from the office which was a reminder that this was not a holiday, but rather a remote-working experience. 

We then headed East & were tempted off of our planned route to Lac de Montbel, where we enjoyed a bread & cheese lunch with lovely views, followed by another call from the office & several spreadsheet queries to sort out.

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