Taniere, Roquefort les Cascades, Foix, Prayols, Roquefixade

Back on route we then arrived at Roquefort Les Cascades in the hope of seeing the alleged impressive 30m waterfall. After ending up on a progressively narrow track we decided to abandon driving any further & to park next to the water trough in this one horse/donkey hamlet, & to progress on foot. As it turned out, just around the corner from where we’d abandoned our drive there was an easily accessible carpark. 

With no guidance as to how far a climb would be required to see the supposed magnificent falls, we decided that that would be too open-ended a venture for us and so we opted for the mini waterfall we could see from just off the car park. We’re not great risk takers, particularly when it comes to excessive exercise. 

We then headed for Foix, whose magnificent elevated castle is a remarkable centrepiece to the town. Unfortunately, official parking was a 10 minute walk to the town centre. Now this ordinarily would not be an issue, but we didn’t feel overly comfortable with the location where we had to leave our motorhome, or our likely travelling neighbours. 

Added to this, we were approached by a very friendly policeman who informed us that a major exercise was about to kick-off in the town involving the police, fire brigade & army and if we didn’t leave by “45 past 5”, then we would not be able to leave at all. As it was now “15 past 5”, the decision was made for us and so we said our “Au revoirs” & promptly left. It is a town we will have to visit again though. 

I was keen to get to the Chateau at Roquefixade & saw that there was a highly rated Park4Night there. I think the photos speak for themselves and the view here of the snow-capped Pyrenees is excellent:

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