Hede to Malestroit

Kenny and Tanya sadly were going home the next day, so not being morning people we said our goodbyes the night before, and then headed for a very lovely stay in Malestroit the following day. 

We were hoping to enjoy their nice big new free aire set in a field next to the canal. However, when we arrived it was completely full, and even if there’d been a couple of spaces, we wouldn’t have wanted to be squeezed in with them all. 

Having been regular visitors to the medieval town of Malestroit, we thought we’d check out the carpark just around the corner that used to be the aire we’d always used, but last year had had a height barrier, perhaps because when we’d last visited it was high season. The barrier had now been removed, and in fact there was a big sign saying that it was an aire after all, so we commandeered a lovely corner area for ourselves. 

Apart from a selfish individual who kept his radio on too much, which is admittedly quite a rare thing, we pulled our chairs out and had a lovely time until we left mid afternoon the next day. 

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